David Byrne & Brian Eno - The Jezebel Spirit (Danny Krivit Edit)

Do you hear voices?
You do, so you are possessed.
You are a believer, born again
And yet you hear voices and you are possessed.
Ok, are you ready to give us a listen?
Put your hand over there.
We want this figured out.
Ok sister;
You have a Jezebel spirit within you
You have a spirit of grief
You have a spirit of destruction.
Spirit of destruction,
Spirit of grief,
I bind you with chains of iron
I bind you out of that bounded heaven.
Loosen your hold and come out of her now.
(It's no good our sister.)
Out. Out Jezebel.
Come out now
(Go ahead)
Out in the name of Jesus
Come out destruction
Come out destruction
Come out grief
Jezebel you are going to listen to me Jezebel
(Go ahead sister; keep going.
Jezebel will abandon you)
She was intended by God to be a virtuous woman
You have no right to her
Her husband is the head of the house
Out Jezebel. Out. Out.. Let Jesus in.
That's right
I break your power Jezebel
Loosen your hold on her mind
Go ahead sister
Go ahead sister
Use your head
That was easy
You can sit down now.


Outkast - Vibrate

Son album solo, attendu, attendu, attendu... Prévu pour début 2009.

Isolée - Music...

Rest (noun, transitive & intransitive verb):

Cessation of work, exertion, or activity.
Peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or the cessation of an activity.
Relief or freedom from disquiet or disturbance.
Mental or emotional tranquillity.
A short pause in a line of poetry; a caesura.
A device used as a support: a back rest.
Music (an interval of silence corresponding to one of the possible time values within a measure).


Circlesquare - Dancers

Je ne sais pas si j'aime l'hiver. Je l'accepte. Je le tolère, puisque je ne vois pas comment l'éviter.
Alors les nuits sont longues; trop de rêves, où pas assez.
On s'égare, on cherche, on trouve...

Chez !K7
Album disponible à partir du 27 janvier.
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