Portico Quartet Line

Portico Quartet are a 4-piece modern jazz group from London. Line is from their second album “Isla”, out last year on Peter Gabriels label Real World Records.



Staygold & Robyn, Spank Rock & Damien Adore - Backseat

Amazing song and performance.. Stay Gold!!! Keep an eye on these guys.


Gang Starr - Conspiracy



New selection from T.Noo

This is the selection i recorded for Radio Bermuda.
It should be online soon.
But why should you wait?


Voici la sélection enregistrée pour Radio Bermuda, bientôt sur leur site.
Mais vous n'attendrez pas jusque là!


Caribou - Odessa

Here is a single from Caribou's album to come in april (!).
Caribou formerly was Manitoba, which means there's a back catalogue to check out...



Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us

As posted on alainfinkielkrautrock.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this little masterpiece.



5 from LNDN-5 from LNDN-5 from LNDN-5 from LNDN-5 from LNDN

so after a long perioud of watching from our other headquarter in London we've noticed that we haven't been as active as one should be, therefore we are sending the bird with 5 of our favorite tracks of this moments...hope all enjoy the joy....TA TA, TI TI, TOO TOO...


Soul Boy (Remix)-The Blue Nile

Looking For You-Nino Ferrer

Pablo Picasso-John Cale

Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Gui Boratto Remix)-Massive Attack

What U Want-Lupe Fiasco


Kery James - J'aurais Pu Dire

Kery James - J'aurais pu dire
envoyé par eikichi. - Clip, interview et concert.

Kery James, le rappeur à "l'indiscutable authenticité" qui joue du verbe comme d'autres manient l'épée prend une pause, loin de la musique, de l'agitation, du chobize.
Il a certainement raison de prendre ses distances... Et son élan.